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  • Bonifacci, P., Atti, E., Casamenti, M., Piani, B., Porrelli, M., Mari, R., 2020, Which measures better discriminate language minority bilingual children with and without Developmental Language Disorder? A study testing a combined protocol of first and second language assessment, Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 63(6), 1898-1915
  • Suttora, C., Salerni N., Zanchi, P., Zampini, L., Spinelli, M., Fasolo, M., 2017, Relationships between structural and acoustic properties of maternal talk and children’s early word recognition, First Language, 37(6), 612–629
  • Zuccarini M., Guarini A., Iverson J.M., Benassi E., Savini S., Alessandroni R., Faldella G., Sansavini A., 2018, Does early object exploration support gesture and language development in extremely preterm infants and full-term infants?, Journal of Communication Disorders, 76, 91-100
  • Guarini, A., Marini, A., Savini, A., Alessandroni, R., Faldella, G., Sansavini, A., 2016, Linguistic features in children born very preterm at preschool age, Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 58, 949-956
  • Roch M., Florit E., Levorato M.C., 2016, Narrative competence of Italian-English bilingual children between 5 and 7 years. Special issue on narratives in bilinguals, Applied Psycholinguistics, 37, 49-67

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