XX Congresso Internazionale dell’AItLA

From: 20/02/2020

to: 22/02/2020

Location: Università per Stranieri di Siena


Topics: Lingue in contatto e linguistica applicata: individui e società

DGfS 2020 – The 42nd Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society

From: 04/03/2020

to: 06/03/2020

Location: University of Hamburg, Germany

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Topics: This year’s general topic is Linguistic Diversity: Theories, Methods, Resources. The topic can be approached from different perspectives: multilingualism, language contact, language variation, language change, etc. The triad of “theories, methods, resources” opens up a theoretical perspective as well as a discussion of empirical methods and digital resources.

MoLA 2020 – Meeting on Language in Autism

From: 12/03/2020

to: 14/03/2020

Location: Penn Pavilion, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA


Topics: The focus of this meeting is on the scientific study of the emergence, use, and nature of language in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Language impairment, though not a core symptom of ASD, is one of the most important predictors of long term outcomes and independence. The study of language in ASD also has the potential to inform our understanding of language itself, as we explore why some individuals with ASD have difficulties with certain domains of language while other domains remain fully intact.

ACL2020 – The Asian Conference on Language

From: 29/03/2020

to: 01/04/2020

Location: Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan


At the intersection of theory, pedagogy, and praxis the Asian Conference on Language invites researchers and teachers to submit proposals in the following areas: Language Acquisition; Language and Communication; Language and Culture; Language and Psychology; Language and Technology; Language Learning and Teaching

Bi-SLI 2020 – Bi/multilingualism and Specific Language Impairment (Developmental Language Disorder)

From: 14/06/2020

to: 16/06/2020

Location: Arus Moyola NUI Galway, Ireland


Topics: Research related to language acquisition in bi/multilingual children with SLI/DLD, as compared to language acquisition in typically developing (TD) bi/multilingual children (additional comparisons may be made with bi/multilingual children with ASD or other developmental disorders).

ISSBD 2020 – 26th Biennial Meeting of the ISSBD

From: 21/06/2020

to: 25/06/2020

Location: Rodos Palace Hotel, Island of Rhodes, Greece


Topics: Human developmental processes throughout the life-span, basic and applied areas, risks for development and resilience, biological determinants of development, methodological issues, topics of global concern that affect developing individuals’ lives, such as climate change, globalization, migration, catastrophic events, such as war and terrorism, new and old technologies. The Congress will promote contributions by scientists of different disciplines, such as neuroscience, genetics, sociology, political science, education, media.

COM2020 Conference on Multilingualism

From: 23/06/2020

to: 25/06/2020

Location: University of Reading, UK


Topics: The conference explores all aspects of multilingualism in the fields of linguistics, psychology, neurology, sociology, and educational sciences. Papers that address issues related to the five CeLM themes are particularly welcome: Language and Literacy, Education, Neuroscience, Health and Migration.

Conference on Building Linguistic Systems

From: 01/07/2020

to: 03/07/2020

Location: Berrick Saul Building, Heslington West Campus, University of York, UK


Topics: The conference is planned to mark the retirement of Professor Marilyn Vihman later that summer. Professor Vihman’s work on the relationship between perception and production has changed our understanding of how children build early phonological representations, and her publications on phonological, lexical and morphological development have become essential reading for child language scholars around the world.

13th Annual International Conference on Languages & Linguistics

From: 06/07/2020

to: 09/07/2020

Location: Athens, Greece


Topics: The congress is organized by the Languages & Linguistics Unit of ATINER, Athens Institute for Education and Research. ATINER is an independent Association with a Mission to become a forum where Academics and Researchers from all over the world can meet in Athens, exchange ideas on their research and discuss future developments in their disciplines, as well as engage with professionals from other fields. ATINER invites Educators and Researchers from the World Community, to come to Athens and to engage in academic discussions on research topics in various disciplines . The organization of academic gatherings in Athens, remains ATINER’s first and foremost priority.

ICIS 2020

From: 06/07/2020

to: 09/07/2020

Location: Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow, UK


Topics: The International Congress of Infant Studies (ICIS) provides a context for the dissemination of research methods and findings on psychological development during infancy and early childhood and supports open intellectual discussion about theory, research, and practice.

27th Annual SSSR Meeting

From: 08/07/2020

to: 11/07/2020

Location: Newport Beach, CA, USA


Deadlines: 11th Novembre, 2019 (abstract submission: symposiums); 20th December, 2019 (abstract submission: spoken papers+posters); 31st March, 2020 (early-bird registration); 1st June, 2020 (regular registration)

IASCL 2020 – 15th International Congress of the Association for the Study of Child Language

From: 13/07/2020

to: 17/07/2020

Location: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA


Topics: Any area of language development (atypical populations, cognition and language, comprehension, cultural and social factors, input factors, L1 acquisition and attrition, literacy and language, morphology, multilingualism, neurobiology in typical and/or atypical language, research methodology, non-verbal communication, perception, phonetics and phonology, pragmatics, prosody, semantics and lexicon, sign language, syntax). 2020 4th Experimental Pragmatics in Italy Conference

From: 16/07/2020

to: 17/07/2020

Location: Department of Psychology, University of Turin, Italy


Topics: The scientific program will comprise contributions in any area of experimental pragmatics, including neuropragmatics, developmental pragmatics, and clinical pragmatics as well as pragmatics in multimodal communication.

The 17th International Pragmatics Conference – WINTERTHUR 2021

From: 27/06/2021

to: 02/07/2021

Location: Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Winterthur, Switzerland


Topics: The conference is open to all topics relevant to the field of linguistic pragmatics, broadly conceived as the interdisciplinary (cognitive, social, cultural) science of language use. The special theme of this year’s conference is: The Pragmatics of Inclusion.

32st World Congress of the IALP

From: 14/08/2022

to: 18/08/2022

Location: Aotea Centre, Aukland, New Zealand


Topics&deadlines: coming soon