14ème colloque international RIPSYDEVE

From: 02/06/2022
to: 03/06/2022
Location: Montpellier, France

The theme of this 14th edition aims to strengthen the interaction between research and practice and focuses the exchanges around the theoretical and practical knowledge available today to understand typical and atypical development.

26th ISSBD Biennial Meeting

From: 19/06/2022
to: 23/06/2022
Location: The Island of Rhodes, Greece

ISSBD is an international organization whose mission is to promote scientific research of human development throughout the lifespan. It has members in over 60 countries around the world. The Conference will promote and facilitate the presentation of research on, among other topics, Human development throughout the life-span, Basic and applied research, Developmental risks and resilience,…


From: 07/07/2022
to: 10/07/2022
Location: Ottawa, Canada

By highlighting current research on Developmental Cascades, the Congress aims to spark new ideas, invigorate researchers in their own work, and advance fresh perspectives on the science and reach of infancy.

ISGS 2022 – 9th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies

From: 13/07/2022
to: 15/07/2022
Location: Chicago, USA

The overarching theme of ISGS 2022 is the study of gestures along four interacting dimensions: description, function, mechanism, and application. Descriptions of gestures can constrain theories of mechanism and function, and this can be used to ground new applications. ISGS 2022 will provide a forum for researchers to interact, engage and enhance the study of gesture across multiple dimensions of explanation.

32st World Congress of the IALP

From: 20/08/2023
to: 24/08/2023
Location: Aukland, New Zealand

LP is a non-profit worldwide organization of professionals and scientists in communication, voice, speech language pathology, audiology and swallowing