CLASTA organizes every year a two-day conference (Giornate CLASTA) gathering researchers and practitioners who work within the field of language and communication development in typical and atypical populations. It also hosts foreign scholars and experts who have made important contributions to this field.

The conference schedules keynote lectures, thematic symposia and poster sessions. The presented works are evaluated by the scientific-organizational committee that guarantees their quality and relevance.

The 14th edition of the Giornate CLASTA will be held on the 17th and 18th of May 2024 in Milan, in collaboration with the University Milano-Bicocca.



XIII Edizione, 19-20 maggio 2023, Pescara
XII Edzione, 13-14 maggio 2022, Firenze
XI Edzione, 14-15 maggio 2021 (online)
X Edizione, 10 - 11 maggio 2019, Verona
IX Edizione, 18 -19 maggio 2018, L'Aquila
VIII Edizione, 12-13 maggio 2017, Padova
VII edizione, 29-30 aprile 2016, Calambrone (Pisa)
VI edizione, 15-16 maggio 2015, Roma
V Edizione, 16-17 maggio 2014, Bologna
IV edizione, 10-11 maggio 2013, Milano
I-III edizione, 2009-2012