The aim of the project is to get to a Consensus Conference with the participation of many competences and experts in order to:

  • provide useful information to guide the decisions of clinical and non-clinical practitioners towards greater effectiveness and appropriateness, as well as greater efficacy in the use of resources;
  • make information easily accessible;
  • monitor its adoption by examining the optimal conditions for its introduction into practice;
  • assessing its impact, organizational and on the outcome.

The tools used to pursue these aims are clinical-organizational guidelines, guidelines for implementation and guidelines for the assessment of services (see the National Programme for Guidelines, 2002).

It is certainly a long and complex process, but the definition of the diagnostic criteria, the change in the linguistic expressiveness of the disorder during the development, and the treatment of language disorders in its various manifestations is an extremely important goal that requires responsibility and deserves commitment, and which is qualifying for the community of researchers and those who work in the territory.

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