CLASTA brings together individuals engaged in the field of communication and language development in populations with typical and atypical development, either in research, clinical, and practical domains.

The scientific community of Italian researchers specifically dealing with the psychology and psychopathology of language is wide, very active and broadly diversified. CLASTA aims to promote and spread their knowledge and experience.

In particular, CLASTA aims to:

  • promote and disseminate knowledge in the field of psychology and psychopathology of language and communication development;
  • foster the relationship between empirical research and clinical practice;
  • take a central role at national level in promoting, guiding and supporting research on issues related to language and communication development;
  • contribute to the dissemination of information, scientific and technical knowledge among practitioners in this field for research, teaching and operational practice purposes;
  • encourage the construction of collaborative networks on specific topics;
  • foster the process of internationalization by developing and implementing networks with colleagues, societies and European and international institutions;
  • promote the education of students, young researchers, professionals and practitioners, through the organization of seminars, conferences, training courses and master courses.