ALAPP – The 7th International Conference Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice

Start date: 21 novembre 2017

End date: 23 novembre 2017

Location: Ghent University, Belgium

Topic: Communication, interaction and quality of service.
The ALAPP conference aims to bring together scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds, especially language and communication research and professional specialities (e.g. business, education, health, immigration and border control, journalism, law, organizational practice & administration, police work, research, therapy, social care and welfare, translation and interpreting).

Organizzatore: Ghent University

LSA 2018 – The 92nd Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America

Start date: 4 gennaio 2018

End date: 7 gennaio 2018

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Organizzatore: Linguistic Society of America

BCCCD18 – 2018 Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development

Start date: 4 gennaio 2018

End date: 6 gennaio 2018

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Organizzatore: The Cognitive Development Center

Deadline: 11 settembre 2017

ICFLTAL 2018 – International Conference on Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics

Start date: 18 gennaio 2018

End date: 19 gennaio 2018

Location: London, United Kingdom

Organizzatore: WASET – World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

Deadline: 15 settembre 2017

DGfS 2018 – The 40th Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society

Start date: 7 marzo 2018

End date: 9 marzo 2018

Location: Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Topic: Reference and relation

Organizzatore: University of Stuttgart

Deadline: 31 agosto 2017

AusET2018 – Australian Eye-Tracking Conference 2018

Start date: 26 aprile 2018

End date: 28 aprile 2018

Location: Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Topic: Eye-tracking (ET) Research

Organizzatore: Macquarie University

Early Due Date: 2 Oct 2017 (For notification on 13 Nov 2017)
Final Due Date: 13 Nov 2017 (For notification on 15 Jan 2018)

ACLL 2018 – The Asian Conference on Language Learning

Start date: 27 aprile 2018

End date: 29 aprile 2018

Location: Kobe, Japan

Organizzatore: The Asian Conference on Language Learning

Deadline: 8 dicembre 2017

The 15th Nordic Symposium on Child Language

Start date: 23 maggio 2018

End date: 24 maggio 2018

Location: University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark

Topic: The symposium will cover a variety of themes related to child language acquisition and general learning in school, for example:

  • the relationship between language development in the preschool years and later acquisition of written language/reading skills
  • the influence of persistent language difficulties on the acquisition of written language/reading skills
  • bilingual children’s acquisition of written language/reading skills
  • deaf and hearing impaired children’s acquisition of written language/reading skills

Organizzatore: Center for Language Learning, Department of Language and Communication at the University of Southern Denmark

1 ottobre 2017 (Theme session proposals)
1 dicembre 2017 (Oral presentations and posters)

CLS 2018 – Child Language Symposium

Start date: 25 giugno 2018

End date: 26 giugno 2018

Location: The University of Reading, UK

Organizzatore: Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism, University of Reading, UK

Deadline: 15 gennaio 2018

ICSLA – The 3rd International Conference on Sign Language Acquisition

Start date: 27 giugno 2018

End date: 29 giugno 2018

Location: Izmir, Turkey

Topic: International Conference on Sign Language Acquisition (ICSLA) aims at disseminating recent research findings on sign language acquisition from an interdisciplinary perspective that would ultimately develop ways to help deaf children access language as early as possible across the globe.

Organizzatore: ICSLA

Deadline: 3 novembre 2017

The 8th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies: Gesture and Diversity

Start date: 4 luglio 2018

End date: 7 luglio 2018

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Organizzatore: ISGS – International Society for Gesture Studies

Deadline: 30 novembre 2017 (early bird)

The 25th Biennial Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development

Start date: 15 luglio 2018

End date: 19 luglio 2018

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Organizzatore: ISSBD – International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development

Deadline: 15 ottobre 2017

ICCG10 – Tenth International Conference on Construction Grammar

Start date: 16 luglio 2018

End date: 18 luglio 2018

Location: Paris, France

Topic: ICCG-10 aims to provide a forum of discussion between various constructionist approaches such as cognitive construction grammar, embodied construction grammar, fluid construction grammar, radical construction grammar, sign based construction grammar, or other approaches.
It also aims to focus on the different methodologies used as well as the different applications of Construction Grammar. What are the methods currently in use (statistics, experiments, large corpora, small corpora, etc….). How is data collected ? How does the notion of Construction enlighten the research in language teaching, in language acquisition ? What are the possible industrial implementations?

Organizzatore: Sorbonne Paris Cité University (USPC) and the French Cognitive Linguistics Association

Deadline: 1 dicembre 2017

Organizzatore: Centre of Linguistics of the University of Lisbon

Deadline: 30 ottobre 2017

ISB12 – International Symposium on Bilingualism 12

Start date: 23 giugno 2019

End date: 28 giugno 2019

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Topic: The next generation

Organizzatore: University of Alberta, Canada

Deadline: TbA